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Certified Organic means a sure way to trust that the foods you purchase are pure, safe and uncontaminated. ORGANIC INDIA is a global leader in promoting organic foods and health products and in supporting sustainable agriculture, wild crafting and village/tribal communities in India. Our commitment is to offer the highest quality certified organic products available today.

The ORGANIC INDIA certification plan is the largest of any organisation in India, extending across parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh.

Thousands of farmers, tribal people and their communities have been touched directly or indirectly by the projects of ORGANIC INDIA.

Together we have transformed more than 10,000 acres of chemically ravaged soil into fields of abundance through regenerative agroecological practices that serve, honour and protect the biodiversity of the Earth.

With foundations in organic farming, our network of farmers practice what we term as “Regenerative Agriculture“. This practice goes beyond the standards of organic certification. We treat each farm as a unique organism. Regenerative Agriculture includes the use of comprehensive soil fertility management, seed collection, composting, water management as well as crop protection and rotation.

Regenerative Agriculture also aims to return to the ancient practices by following the rhythms of nature, such as planting and harvesting according to the cycle of the moon. These practices all help to revive the local ecosystem in India through carbon sequestration and improved water and soil conditions, ultimately impacting the health of our global ecosystem.

In living our vision, we have been inspired to establish a new standard called EARTH SEER. This new standard reflects a sustainable business commitment which inspires, promotes and supports well-being and respect for all beings and for Mother Nature.


We are uncompromisingly committed to our core values. All our decisions, actions and activities are in total integrity, reflecting our respect and devotion to Mother Nature and our deepest inspiration to be in service to all. We treat each and everyone in our eco-system with honesty, respect and care. We honour the connection between every living being and Mother Earth by fostering values that deepen our connections to one another and that create a world in which consciousness can shine and flourish.


We walk our talk. We are aware of the impact that our actions have in the world, and we embrace the freedom that comes from taking full responsibility. By recognizing the power we as individuals and as a company have in creating our world, we harness responsibility and action together to act as a Vehicle of Consciousness.


We do what we say and we say what we do. We consistently deliver the highest quality products to over 40 countries around the world, while providing dependable, caring, personal service to each one of our stakeholders.


Everything we do results from careful consideration of three factors: what is best for the individual customer; what is best for society; and what is best for the planet. We believe that by addressing these three facets of True Wellness, we ensure that our products and decisions harbour only the purest of intentions. We stand behind all of our products with a 100% money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction.


Holistic approach is the natural flowering that effortlessly blooms out of the fundamental truth of oneness and interconnectedness. Holistic wisdom provides sustainable solutions that benefit the whole as one eco-system. All our products are in service of True Wellness, and therefore holistic, addressing the whole being: body, mind and spirit. Our holistic model leaves a positive footprint every step of the way: regenerating the earth, improving the lives of our farmers and their communities, and our co-creative shared value environment gives our employees joy and meaning in their lives while providing our customers the world over with authentic True Wellness products.

Socially, Environmentally and Economically Responsible

The word responsibility is comprised of: Response + Ability, and we are responding to the needs of the moment.

Social Responsibility

Our dedication to benefit society at large is the heart of our commitment to be a Vehicle of Love and Consciousness in Action.

Environmental Responsibility

Our love for Mother Earth knows no bounds. We have converted ten of thousands of acres into sustainable organic farmland and forests, and we have inspired an organic revolution in India.

Economic Responsibility

We take great care to manage our financial resources with wisdom in building a financially sustainable company. ORGANIC INDIA‘s holistic model creates abundance for all stakeholders, socially, environmentally and economically. This new standard reflects a sustainable business commitment that inspires, promotes and supports respect wellness for all beings and Mother Nature. EarthSEER ensures the continual improvement of business processes with the intention to exceed and transcend existing certification standards. EarthSEER promotes conscious, humane consumption and represents the aspirations of True Wellness Living. While some aspirations can be achieved immediately, others require all our stakeholders to collaborate with us to expand the vision. EarthSEER is, therefore, an invitation to everyone who feels inspired to contribute and realize True Wellness for All.

You can join a critical mass of EarthSEER’s worldwide who are co-creating a sustainable world with their own lifestyle choices and the certified products and companies they vote for on a daily basis. Consciously choosing to take responsibility for our health, peace of mind, the way we care for ourselves and others, minimizing toxins from our lives, and reducing our damage to the earth, is what True Wellness is all about.

Living with dignity and caring for the welfare of our loved ones is innate to the human spirit. Nurturing the healthy development of growing children, protecting future generations and valuing our sovereignty is our motivation to create a sustainable environment where we all can thrive. Everyone wants to experience greater health and happiness. Everyone wants to be treated with respect. Everyone values sharing, fairness, trustworthiness and integrity. Everyone wants to minimize the known and potential risks of industrial chemicals to their families. Everyone wants to reduce the cost of illness and live long and healthy lives.

The purpose of EarthSEER is to enable everyone everywhere to live these values in a very personally relevant and meaningful way – so that everyone benefits.

Every year, our network of farmers and wild-crafters work thousands of acres of organic farmland in India. In doing so, we bring our consumers quality, organic crops and herbs, while simultaneously reversing environmental damage in Indian farming communities.

We also educate our farmers and tribal wild-crafters in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. This means our farmers never use synthetic chemicals, GMO’s or irradiation. Our intention is to leave the planet in better condition than we found. We’ve committed to these organic farming practices that heal the Earth, enrich biodiversity and sustainably regenerate the soil.

By purchasing from ORGANIC INDIA, you are actively participating in our mission to create a healthy and sustainable global environment.

Whole Herb Philosophy

At ORGANIC INDIA, we are a whole herb company, respecting the intelligence of nature to keep our herbal formulas as close to their original form as possible.

Our herbs are potent and full of life, served to you in a form that is just as Mother Nature intended. Herbs are a complex mixture of many hundreds of compounds, which offer intricate information and buffer against harmful effects. While the current trend is to isolate compounds for their specific therapeutic quality, we believe that the sum of the actions of the whole plant is more balanced than any one main constituent.

Part of the restorative properties come from the synergistic quality of plants—they weren’t meant to be scientifically separated into extracts, they were meant to be offered whole. And modern science confirms what Vedic scriptures have long known—that isolations of compounds alter the essence, or life force, of the whole plant. Every part of a herb is a valuable energetic gift that is magnified when taken as a whole. At ORGANIC INDIA, we believe in the power of the life force of the whole plant, and every product we sell uses only whole plants and herbs in their purest form.

Ethical wildcrafting, or wild harvesting, is the practice of harvesting plants from the wild in a sustainable manner, without depleting the population or damaging the habitat of the plants that are being harvested. We provide tribal wild-crafters with training, supervision and organic certification in environmentally respectful, hygienic and sustainable methods of procuring herbs. We also provide the wildcrafters access to more than half a million acres of Certified Organic forests.

ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Tea Enquiries

Modern scientific research confirms that Tulsi reduces stress, enhances stamina, relieves inflammation, lowers cholesterol, eliminates toxins, protects against radiation, prevents gastric ulcers, lowers fevers, improves digestion and provides a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients. Tulsi is especially effective in supporting the heart, blood vessels, liver and lungs and also regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.

The unique chemistry of Tulsi is highly complex Tulsi contains hundreds of different beneficial compounds known as phytochemicals. Working together, these compounds possess strong antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, adaptogenic (anti-stress) and immune enhancing properties that promote general health and support the body natural defence against germs, stress and diseases. The essential oils in the leaves of Tulsi that contribute to the fragrance and refreshing flavour of Tulsi are a particularly rich source of valuable phytochemicals.

Adaptogens are agents that help the body cope with stress, enhance physical and mental health and promote longevity. Simply said, their unique activity creates calm where there is stress, and energises where there is fatigue. Ashwagandha and Tulsi specifically are two of the premier adaptogens known.

Antioxidants slow down the process of excess oxidation and protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. When cells are attacked by free radicals, excess oxidation occurs which damage and destroys cells. Antioxidants stop this process. The cellular damage caused by free radicals can be responsible for causing and/or accelerating many diseases. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and is recommended to guard against free radicals and protect from damaging excess oxidation.

Some of Tulsi’s effects are quite immediate, while others develop gradually after weeks of regular use. For example, you may feel more relaxed and energized after the rst cup. Although Tulsi has many specific effects on dierent body systems, its main benefits arise from its impressive general capacity to assist the body’s natural process of healing and maintaining health.

Tulsi’s overall health promotion and disease prevention effects are powerful but often subtle. For example, you may simply notice that you do not seem to be bothered by stress or common illnesses, such as colds or flu, nearly as often as before. Or you may notice that you generally tire less easily.

As with many herbal supplements, it usually takes at least a week or so of consistent use for the body to experience major benefits.

Tulsi can be enjoyed throughout the day, from morning to night. However, every one cup of Tulsi a day is beneficial. During times of illness, the quantity and the strength of ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi tea blends can be increased to quicken recovery.

General Product Enquiries

Here at ORGANIC INDIA we are 100% committed to organic quality and purity by our own EARTH SEER standards. We are amongst the few herbal companies in India to receive HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001-2008, Kosher and Halal Certifications. We have Organic Certifications from Control Union and SGS as per USDA, EU and NPOP Organic Standards.

ORGANIC INDIA is the first company in India to obtain Non-GMO Project Verification. Many of our products now have this certification with additional products in the verification process. Please visit our certification page to learn more about the meaning of the certifications our products carry for safeguarding quality assurance. We take every precaution to ensure ORGANIC INDIA products are free from pathogens, bacteria, viruses, harmful chemical pesticides, artificial hormones, heavy metals, toxic contaminants, radiation and genetic modification. This allows us to provide pure potent and effective True Wellness herbs to benefit our customers worldwide.

See our certifications here.

We’d like to assure you that ORGANIC INDIA does not use any of the Aristolochia species of herbs, or herbs containing aristolochic acid, in any of our products. Side effects relating to some varieties of the Aristolochia species under certain conditions have been documented since the early 1990’s. Herbs containing these compounds are primarily found in China and have been banned in many countries of the world, including the United States. 

Yes, all of our products including teas, supplements and psyllium are free of gluten containing ingredients.

Our Kosher certification from the Orthodox Union indicates that our products may be consumed by all those who observe kosher dietary laws, as well as those who have special dietary requirements.

All ORGANIC INDIA products are certified organic, which means that we do not use pesticides and test for heavy metals in every batch of tea we produce.

No ORGANIC INDIA product is tested on animals.

Tulsi Tea Product Enquiries

Most of our Tulsi Teas are naturally caffeine-free, as they are herbal teas. Green tea is a lesser processed form of the same tea plant (Camellia sinensis) that is used to make black tea, with lower caffeine content. Therefore several of our flavours available worldwide that contain green or black tea do have caffeine. These are the approximate caffeine levels:

Tulsi India Breakfast Tea: 25 mg/serving, Tulsi Green Tea: 12 mg/serving, Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea: 10 mg/serving, Tulsi Chai Masala Tea – boxed: 12 mg/serving

None of our teas are made with sugar. Tulsi Sweet Rose, Sleep and Tummy all contain stevia. Our natural flavourings are made from pure, organic, unadulterated fruit extracts or essential oils. If you would like more information please click here. The following teas do not contain any natural flavourings: Tulsi Original, Tulsi Breakfast (contains caffeine), Tulsi Gotu Kola, Tulsi Green (contains caffeine), Tulsi Masala Chai (contains caffeine) and Tulsi Peppermint.

We recommend that you consume the product within two years of the manufacturing date. Keep it in a cool, dry place in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight.

All ORGANIC INDIA teas are vegetarian. Honey is found in the following teas and therefore may not be appropriate for all vegan diets: Tulsi Honey Chamomile

ORGANIC INDIA products are manufactured at our factory in Lucknow, India. Some items in the ORGANIC INDIA range are not currently available for purchase in New Zealand. We’ve recently brought in a selection of new products to the NZ range, including Tulsi Turmeric Ginger and Tulsi Moringa tea as well as Tulsi Essential Oil. New Herbal Supplements include Beautiful Skin, Bowel Care, Brahmi, Breath Free, Heart Guard, Shatavari, Sugr Balance & Vitality.

A few of the products that we have been asked about but do not currently offer in New Zealand are Chyawanprash, Ghee, and Coconut Oil.

Importing new products can take some time (and government regulations) but please know we are working hard behind the scenes to make this a possibility. If you would like to sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about new products as we get them in New Zealand, you can go to our website: organicindia.co.nz/subscribe and subscribe.

We hope so but not for the foreseeable future. Due to a change in Indian export regulations, our ORGANIC INDIA headquarters in India are no longer able to supply us with the Red Masala Chai. Please know that we are working hard behind the scenes to find a solution.

Herbal Supplements Product Enquiries

Our organic moringa leaves are sun dried, then sterilised (by steam) and ground into powder.

ORGANIC INDIA products are manufactured at our factory in Lucknow, India. Some items in the ORGANIC INDIA range are not currently available for purchase in New Zealand. We’ve recently brought in a selection of new products to the NZ range, including Tulsi Turmeric Ginger and Tulsi Moringa tea as well as Tulsi Essential Oil. New Herbal Supplements include Beautiful Skin, Bowel Care, Brahmi, Breath Free, Heart Guard, Shatavari, Sugr Balance & Vitality.

A few of the products that we have been asked about but do not currently offer in New Zealand are Chyawanprash, Ghee, and Coconut Oil.

Importing new products can take some time (and government regulations) but please know we are working hard behind the scenes to make this a possibility. If you would like to sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about new products as we get them in New Zealand, you can go to our website: organicindia.co.nz/subscribe and subscribe.

Safety & Precautions

While we cannot diagnose any condition or prescribe any of our products for specific ailments or conditions, we can suggest that you read about the benefits of our incredible organic products and solutions for healthy conscious living and incorporate them into your wellness regime. Please consult your healthcare practitioner if you have questions about your specific condition.

Yes! Children can enjoy the natural flavours of Tulsi-Holy Basil teas as well as benefit from their healing properties. If you are uncertain, or for children under the age of 1, please consult your healthcare provider.

It is safe for healthy women who already consume herbal teas to drink Tulsi in moderation if pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive. Women who follow a caffeine-free diet should avoid the caffeinated flavours (Tulsi Green Teas, Tulsi Masala Chai, Tulsi Breakfast Teas).

Since conception and pregnancy are extremely sensitive life stages, some women with health challenges, who do not already drink Tulsi, may choose to avoid it (in order to “stick to what they know” and what their bodies are accustomed to). However, the adaptogenic (stress-relieving) properties of Tulsi may assist the stress-response during this delicate period. Moderation is key during this time (as it is with many foods, drinks & lifestyle activities). Many women do enjoy Tulsi pre-conception, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Many people exercise caution around contraindications between herbal medicine and conventional medication. It is safe to drink Tulsi teas in moderation whilst taking medication. Caution should be taken with caffeinated flavours, where there is known caffeine intolerance. The herb levels in the Tulsi tea range are not sufficient to create conflict with medication. Please consult your healthcare provider for further queries.

Online Orders

Shipments will take around 7 days depending on your location. Online orders are fulfilled by our distributor Good Health Food Ltd. which is located in Auckland. We try to ship your order within the next business day, although in some cases it may be a bit longer. For more information, please contact us.

We can only ship nationally within New Zealand, however below are the websites for ORGANIC INDIA headquarters & distributors in other countries:

India: www.organicindia.com

USA: us.organicindia.com

Australia: organicindia.com.au

Please contact us and we will notify you when the product you want is back in stock.

Definitely! If you’re more comfortable with placing an order over the phone you can call us on 0800 505 333. This will put you in touch with our distributor Good Health Food. We will need the following information from you when you do call: Name, email address, phone number, shipping address, order and lastly payment details.

We are a small operation and need to ship your order at cost. Additionally, we want your tea to arrive without any bumps and bruises and to help ensure it arrives in one piece we have elected to ship all teas in boxes rather than satchels, which increases the cost. These boxes will be larger than what can fit in your mail box so please select a shipping address which you will be available Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm or leave instructions where your package can be placed.


We are in the process of compiling a list of ORGANIC INDIA stockists throughout New Zealand. We will announce it on social media and to our database when it is available. Be sure to like us on Facebook or subscribe here on our website.

We supply both individual tea quantities as well as bulk purchases of our teas. If you’re looking to purchase large amounts of multiple products, then please contact our distributor on 0800 505 333 and we will be happy to organise that over the phone for you.

Please contact our importer, Good Health Food to on 0800 505 333 to discuss this further. You can also submit an enquiry here.

There is a printed catalogue contained inside every box of Tulsi Tea. This website features all of the products that we carry in New Zealand, including new products and updates to existing information.


Our Tulsi Tea bags are made from unbleached filter paper, which comes from the cellulose fibre of the Abaca Plant. It’s unbleached, chemical-free & biodegradable, therefore completely safe to compost. We’ve also invested in new machinery to enable our bags to become staple-free (instead, they are being tied with a cotton thread). You will see these in stores in the coming months.

Additionally, the tags on the tea bag use soy-based ink.

We are committed to producing the best possible quality, healing Tulsi teas, some of which contain essential oils, and this is the reason why some of our flavours are foil wrapped. The essential oil component (that is most beneficial for wellness) is very sensitive to light & heat, and the foil wrap ensures that our customers are able to enjoy the full benefits of this herbal & nutritional beverage. We also do not use any glues (which contain chemicals) to seal our bags.

The individual wrapping also ensures a shelf-life that is much longer than many other herbal teas available, thus reduces wastage, and retains the health benefits longer, since they are kept fresher than they would be if unwrapped.

Yes, the liner inside the lid of the loose leaf tin is made of BPA free plastic.

Yes, both our old and our new packaging are recyclable. The new packaging has a topcoat varnish that protects the printed surface from sunlight exposure, scuffing and scratches. Since topcoat is just a kind of transparent ink by nature, it is absolutely recyclable!

Any unanswered questions? contact us.