Whole Herb Philosophy

At ORGANIC INDIA, we are a whole herb company, respecting the intelligence of nature to keep our herbal formulas as close to their original form as possible.

Our herbs are potent and full of life, served to you in a form that is just as Mother Nature intended. Herbs are a complex mixture of many hundreds of compounds, which offer intricate information and buffer against harmful effects.

While the current trend is to isolate compounds for their specific therapeutic quality, we believe that the sum of the actions of the whole plant is more balanced than anyone main constituent.

Part of the restorative properties come from the synergistic quality of plants—they weren’t meant to be scientifically separated into extracts, they were meant to be offered whole. And modern science confirms what Vedic scriptures have long known—that isolations of compounds alter the essence, or life force, of the whole plant.

Every part of a herb is a valuable energetic gift that is magnified when taken as a whole. At ORGANIC INDIA, we believe in the power of the life force of the whole plant, and every product we sell uses only whole plants and herbs in their purest form.

Getting from field to cup includes advanced processing methods and dehydration technologies to ensure that our herbs retain their maximum level of potency. Our herbs are 100% organic, harvested by hand and locally processed. At the factory, they are dehydrated in a dry, sterile environment to prevent phytochemical breakdown.

Then they are coarsely ground at low temperatures to preserve the matrix of the bioactive molecules. Additionally, our herbal supplements are filled with 100% vegetarian capsules—free of toxic chemicals, solvents or alcohol. The result is the highest quality, most effective, pure and natural products available today. The purer the herb, the better your body is able to absorb the benefits.

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By purchasing ORGANIC INDIA products, you can trust that you’re getting quality herbs that promote harmony, happiness, health, wellness and wholeness.

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