Organic farming - Regenerative agriculture

For a sustainable future

Next level organic farming, 20 years ago we set out to create a herbal medicine company that was close to our hearts.

Our plan was to export India’s ancient Ayurvedic medicinal wisdom, in the form of herbal formulas and supplements, to the West.

Yet after witnessing the critical and toxic state of India’s agriculture, we realised that our mission would be far better served working across the supply chain ourselves. To begin we started working across the health of the land; instituting and educating rural, local farmers in organic farming practices.

Regenerative agriculture explained

With foundations in organic farming, our network of farmers practices what we term as “Regenerative Agriculture“. This practice goes beyond the standards of organic certification. We treat each farm as a unique organism. Regenerative Agriculture includes the use of comprehensive soil fertility management, seed collection, composting, water management as well as crop protection and rotation.

Regenerative Agriculture also aims to return to the ancient practices by following the rhythms of nature, such as planting and harvesting according to the cycle of the moon. These practices all help to revive the local ecosystem in India through carbon sequestration and improved water and soil conditions, ultimately impacting the health of our global ecosystem.

Organic Farming India

Working across the supply chain

Every year, our network of farmers and wild-crafters work thousands of acres of organic farmland in India. In doing so, we bring our consumers quality, organic crops and herbs, while simultaneously reversing environmental damage in Indian farming communities.

We also educate our farmers and tribal wild-crafters in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. This means our farmers never use synthetic chemicals, GMO’s or irradiation. Our intention is to leave the planet in better condition than we found. We’ve committed to these organic farming practices that heal the Earth, enrich biodiversity and sustainably regenerate the soil.

By purchasing from ORGANIC INDIA, you are actively participating in our mission to create a healthy and sustainable global environment.

Want to learn more about Regenerative Organic Farming?

We are at a crucial moment in the history of our kind. Man-made changes continue to the climate threaten our security on Earth. But there’s a technology for massive planetary geo-engineering that is available for international distribution right now. It costs little. It’s adaptable to local contexts the world over. And it can be rolled out tomorrow providing multiple benefits beyond climate stabilisation. The solution is farming.

Simply put, we could sequester more than 100% of current annual CO2emissions with a switch to organic management practices, which we term “regenerative organic agriculture.”

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